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New!! If your are just browsing and not looking for something in particular, the best place to start is our list of Favorite Naturist/Nudist/Clothing-optional Web Sites. There are dozens of sites on the list -- those we consider the best of the bunch. You'll never have enough time to read everything, so why not start with the best?

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Since there are now so many naturist/nudist links, it is no longer practical to keep them all on the same page. We have tried to group the links into reasonable general categories. Please bookmark or link only this page, since the subsidiary pages are subject to change.

The pages of links to naturist organizations and places are now organized geographically.

Note: Please observe that all the information here concerns non-sexual nudity. If you came here looking for something else, feel free to browse around and learn about a wonderful way of being. But if your interest is only sexual, it would be a waste of your time to look further here.

General naturist/nudist information

Naturist/nudist pages of individuals

Naturist/nudist organizations, clubs, camps, resorts

Miscellaneous information on nakedness & nudity

Naturist/nudist services and merchandise

Please let me know by email of any broken links or new sites I should consider adding. I realize there are many omissions and dead links, so be patient. Time may not permit acknowledgment of all suggestions, but if your suggested site or page is good, I'll do my best to add it.

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