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Forums and message boards

These are systems where all message handling occurs through a Web browser.

Yahoo groups

There are a huge number of naturist/nudist groups at Yahoo, but Yahoo deliberately doesn't list them. The vast majority of legitimate naturist/nudist groups are regional and/or special-interest. Here are just a few groups of more general interest.

In case you aren't familiar with Yahoo groups, they are interesting because they combine the features of message boards and mailing lists, with some added features such as file areas, polls, and chat rooms. The fact that Yahoo is somewhat hostile towards naturism/nudism is the downside. (Some of these groups will be labeled "adult", when they are actually suitable for anyone interested in naturism/nudism.)

Usenet news groups

Usenet is the Internet classic method of holding topical discussions. There are many ways to read and send Usenet messages directly, but for casual browsing it is usually easier to use the Google archives.

Mailing lists

Some mailing lists are one-way, for distribution of topical news and information. Many others allow discussions in which replies may be sent by email.

Chat systems

IRC (chat) systems

Web Rings

Naturist SIGs

Singles groups & matchmaking services

Young adult and teen naturist groups

Gay naturist groups

Naturist club newsletters


Naturist Web page hosting services

Naturist merchandise

Naturist periodicals

Naturist travel agents

Real estate

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