The Weekly Nudesletter Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is the intended audience?
Everyone who likes to be naked for non-sexual reasons, as well as anyone who thinks he/she might enjoy being naked for non-sexual reasons.
2. What is the purpose of this newsletter?
The purpose is to provide information and an edited, published forum for the benefit of its intended audience on the subject of non-sexual nudity.
3. Is this really about "nudism"?
The editorial premise is that our society seriously misunderstands what nudism, historically, was all about. It has been misperceived as a sexual, voyeuristic, or exhibitionistic pursuit. Since we want to challenge this misconception, we prefer to use other terms that are less easily misconstrued. We want to engage the interest of people who would not consider themselves "nudists".
4. Is there any sexually stimulating content here?
No, unless you can't think about or imagine being naked for any reasons other than sexual ones. If that is the case, there are a vast number of alternatives on the Web which you will find far more stimulating - either of your approval or disapproval.
5. Is there anything wrong with sexuality?
Of course not. However, sexuality raises many important issues that are simply irrelevant to nudity. We want people to learn to enjoy nudity without having to resolve all the other issues.
6. How often is the newsletter published?
Once a week - in theory. The days may vary somewhat, but it now appears a weekly schedule is reasonable.
7. How can I subscribe?
No subscription or registration is required. There is no mechanism for automatic notification of updates. Simply bookmark the front page and check back every week.
8. Are reader contributions welcome?
Absolutely. We would love to have factual, autobiographical stories, suggestions for places that can reasonably be enjoyed in the nude, suggestions for Web sites to review, opinion articles, letters to the editor about anything appearing here, and any other relevant suggestions you may have. If your submission is for publication, it may be over your own name or anonymously.
9. How can I submit something to the newsletter?
Just send email to The Weekly Nudesletter Editor.
10. Is this a commercial venture?
No. There is no advertising here, no promotion of products or resorts, no requests to pay for access to the newsletter. While there is nothing wrong with trying to make money honestly, the purpose of this newsletter is to promote non-sexual nudity itself - which need not cost anything. (But if you do wish to spend money in support of non-sexual nudity, consider patronizing naturist campgrounds and resorts and supporting organizations that defend the right to be naked.)
11. Where can I find more information on non-sexual nudity?
Visit our parent site, Being and Nakedness, and especially the nude links page.

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