Benefits of Naturism to a Relationship

Editor's note: This is a brief story from a couple new to naturism about how it has enhanced their relationship. According to the husband,

I opened the door to nudity to my wife after some deep discussions about my honest feelings, but it was reading the "Women's Issues with Nudity" articles at [this site] that finally convinced her. I made sure our first visit was enjoyable (We went to Kiva Retreat House in Santa Cruz, CA - Highly Recommended). She now proudly calls herself a nudist.
Needless to say, I was delighted to hear how my site had been helpful to this relationship. I hope it can do as much for yours.

Benefits of naturism:

  1. I get to spend quality time with my wife in an environment that provides tranquility (ie., freedom from gawkers, thugs, and perverts).
  2. Honest communication with my wife. It took some soul searching and the development of her trust in my desire to separate sex from nudity. She had a hard time believing that I wasn't doing it just to "check out the babes". But since becoming social nudists, our releationship has flourished. We now spend much more time sharing our inner thoughts, feelings, and desires.
  3. A greater love for my wife...because she likes herself more now, has more self-confidence, and she looks more beautiful and radiant than ever. Even when we're not together, she's in my heart. There is no greater gift in the world than to be loved. Nudity has broken down so many of the barriers that stood in the way of true loving fulfilment.
  4. We get to meet people who share our desire for non-sexual, honest communication based on trust. We felt closer to those we met on our first visit to Lupin than some textile acquaintences we've known for years.
  5. Our love, trust, peace, and friendships in a nudist environment has...and this is the most amazing part...lifted years of sexual tension from my shoulders. For someone who used to have thoughts about having "improper" relationships, this has been the key for it has put me in a position where I can appreciate points 1-4 (above). And now those "improper" thoughts are gone.
Oh, and there is no question she is *not* an exhibitionist. But she sure has become a *true* nudist. I love it...and her!

"PV Couple"
Members, Lupin Naturist Club

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