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Note: The Nudesletter is not currently being published. We now have a much more efficient and timely way to offer the same sort of information and commentary.

Please visit our new Naturist Place Blog.

All of the old issues of the Nudesletter will remain available. Unfortunately, many if not most of the external links they contain are now out of date. But that's life... Please do not request updates of any of these links unless it is really, really urgent.

What are the first ideas that come to mind in connection with the concept of nudity? Sex? Embarrassment? Probably. Now, as an experiment, relax and turn on your imagination. What other ideas can you associate with nudity?

If you didn't think of any of these things, but they nevertheless raise some glimmer of recognition of an idea not yet quite apprehended, then you definitely need to browse through these pages.

On the other hand, if you did think of one or more of these things, then it is even more urgent that you read what's here, because you have an intuitive grasp of the potential of non-sexual nudity as a life-enhancing physical, emotional, and (perhaps) even spiritual experience. Some people regard non-sexual nudity as a liberating, enriching, exalting addition to their lives and to the lives of their familiy and friends.

Not everyone will find that much in nudity, of course. However, we're all different. For some this life-enhancing possibility is real. Yet very seldom is the full possiblity realized immediately. It takes some time for the ideas and reality to sink in. What we are offering here is a newsletter, that is, a series of articles and features devoted to exploring - through news about the experience of other, real people - the validity of the claims. In other words, this is not a finished work that you can simply sit down with and read from beginning to end. Instead, almost none of it is written yet. Like any other newsletter, it will develop gradually, a little at a time. You will be able to follow it - and interact with it - as it develops. This is one of the main advantages a Web-based publication can offer.

In order to get a little better idea of what the intent and purpose here is, please read the main article from our first issue, The Best-Kept Secret.

Then, to answer other questions that might naturally occur to you, please have a look at The Weekly Nudesletter FAQ. (FAQ = Frequently Asked Questions.)

We could summarize things by saying that this newsletter is for and about people who like to be naked for non-sexual purposes. And for people who want to explore the idea of non-sexual nudity with an open mind.

Why "non-sexual"? Because the conventional association of nudity with sexuality is too obvious to require further elaboration. We have no general objection to sexuality expressed within a conscientious moral system and the use of nudity as an adjunct to it. But if sexuality is the only reason you are interested in nudity, please don't waste your time reading anything more here. There is an absolutely overwhelming amount of material available online and elsewhere to meet your needs in this regard.

The purpose of this newsletter, therefore, is to cover just about every aspect of nudity except the sexual one. However, even if you came here out of a sexually motivated curiosity, feel free to read on if you're willing to entertain a much more general view of the value of nudity.

Incidentally, you might be wondering about how this newsletter relates to what is known as "nudism" or "naturism". The answer is: there is a strong relationship. Nudists and naturists are people who like to be naked, and they should find almost everything here of interest. Unfortunately, however, our society has a very poor understanding of what nudism/naturism is about. The most prevalent view is that it's about voyeurism and exhibitionism. The main purpose of this newsletter is to cover the value of being naked, not of seeing nudity or showing it off. Therefore, we have chosen to define the subject matter and audience as "people who like to be naked", to avoid cultural stereotypes.

What will you find here?

There will be a new issue of the Nudesletter every week. That's the plan, anyhow. Since it's a purely non-commercial, unfunded enterprise, there are no guarantees - everything is subject to the time available.

However, the hope is that every issue will contain at least several of the following types of features:

Information that will be some combination of fact and opinion about the subject of non-sexual nudity.
Nudity in the news
Summaries of news stories appearing in the public media about non-sexual nudity.
Contributed stories
Factual stories submitted by our readers, either under their own name or anonymously. They will usually be autobiographical, concerning first-time experiences with non-sexual nudity, favorite activities done in the nude, reflections on the benefits of nudity in one's life, etc.
Web site reviews
Reviews of Web sites that deal with non-sexual nudity and which are considered to be noteworthy.
New and interesting Web sites
Shorter notes about new Web sites or pages that are published for and about people who like to be naked.
Calendar of events
Listings of events scheduled for the benefit and enjoyment of people who like to be naked.
Where to be naked
Short notes and reviews about places which can be enjoyed by people who like to be naked - clubs, resorts, campgrounds, and locations on public lands.
Letters to the editor
Your feedback to the newsletter on anything that has been published, opinions, suggestions, etc.

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