How to Get Started Being Naked

It's simple. There's really only one step, which costs nothing and requires very little time:

Take your clothes off!

There, that wasn't so hard, was it? Really, that's all there is to it. Feels good, doesn't it? Keep in mind the old Chinese saying, "I hear and I forget; I see and I remember; I do and I understand."

Of course, if you don't happen to be alone right now, you may not have tried this first step. Save it for some time you are alone, if you must. You will probably find it becomes comfortable very quickly.

At some point you will amost certainly want to try nudity with others, however. The others might be family, close friends, people you live with, or perhaps, total strangers (which is often easier). Before you take that step, however, you will probably want more information and answers to concerns and questions you have. And when you are ready for something more than just being naked all by yourself in your room, you'll probably want some ideas for the best ways and places to start out.

So, here are some ideas on how to get started. Have fun!

Skinny-dip in your own pool or spa
If you live with others, they may find it a little odd if you just go naked around the house. However, they may be very understanding if you go in the water without a bathing suit. There's a right time and place for most things, and water is one of the most appropriate for nudity. You'll love it that way, and others who may be around will have a chance to get used to a little innocent nudity.
Do housecleaning or other chores in the nude
Are there some unwelcome chores you'd prefer to avoid but can't? Try doing them without any clothes on and see if it isn't a lot more pleasant that way. (Hopefully, if it's something that has to be done outside, you have some privacy where you live.)
Gradually become more comfortable with your clothes off
If you live with others, be sure to respect their feelings. However, once they find out you like to be naked, they may not have any problem with it, even if they don't choose to go along. Soon "no clothes" will come to seem normal, just another way you may choose to be at times.
Read some other introductory information on naturism
There are certain very common questions people have about naturism and public nudity in general. The questions are so common that there are various good lists of answers:
Read about others' first time experiences
People who haven't tried public nudity as adults expect that the first time must be quite difficult. If it is, it's usually only in the half excited and half nervous/jittery anticipation of it - the butterflies in the stomach stage. It may help to avoid some of the worst fears by reading how it went for others.
Find out some of the reasons for not wearing clothes
There are many reasons. Some are practical, while others are more philosophical. Here are some places to start:
Read tips on your enjoying your first visit to a naturist club or beach
Nervous about what you can expect? Read some of the following!
Call the Naturist Society
The Naturist Society is an organization that promotes naturism and nude recreation. They have an excellent magazine ( Nude and Narural), a guide book to naturist and clothing optional places around the World, informational videos, and a mail-order service that sells a variety of useful publications and accessories for naturists.
Call the AANR
AANR, the American Association for Nude Recreation is the largest "nudist" organization in North America. They focus primarily on "landed" camps, clubs, and resorts (which have their own facilities) and on "travel" clubs (which don't). Such clubs and resorts tend to cater to families and older people rather than singles and young folks, but there are many that welcome anyone who enjoys being naked. The AANR has its own guide book to clubs and resorts. The Club Directory is online too. When you get in touch with them, tell them what your personal situation is for the best recommendations.
Buy and watch some naturist videos
It probably won't come as any surprise that there are now many videos available that show and explain the pleasures of a nude way of living. They aren't intended for erotic entertainment. They just let you see, with real people, what it's like to live and have fun without any clothes. But you won't find them at your local video store or library. Many places that carry videos also have books, if you prefer to read. Here are some sources:
Subscribe to a naturist magazine
Although there are books on naturism, the most current information is found in naturist magazines. They have lots of good information on where to go to be naked as well as the philosophy behind it. Try one of these:
Start reading the rec.nude newsgroup
Rec.nude isn't the world's most civilized online nudist haunt. It sometimes seems like a street brawl, and gets a lot of unwanted spam from lost souls looking for, or peddling, sex. But you can learn a lot about the positive, healthy side of being naked there as well. If you have questions that don't seem to be answered anywhere else, this is the place to ask them, if you can just be clear enough, and perhaps a little patient. There are various ways to get the news group:
Find a clothing optional beach
How do you do that? The best place to start is by calling The Naturist Society and buying their guide. But if you don't want to spend the money or wait for the mail, have a look at our links page, if you haven't already. Many locations are listed there. Others are listed on some of the links. Here are some of the best links to try for this kind of information:
Find a clothing optional hot springs
This works best if you live in the western U. S., where most of the geothermal action is. It's a great option if you like the outdoors. There are several guide books in print, and there are many Web sites with lots of information.
Join an online naturist discussion group
Rec.nude isn't the only place online for people who want to discuss nudity. Most of the large commercial services have a nudist/naturist area, and these generally avoid a lot of the rough and tumble aspect of rec.nude. One of the best areas is on CompuServe in the Personal Support Forum (GO HSX100 and look in section 12). Here are some other choices, available on the Web or through email:
Talk to others interested in nudity in a live chat
Don't want to wait and want to start talking right now? There are IRC channels and several other online chat systems where you can find folks at almost any hour. You may have to register and pay a nominal fee to use some systems. Try these:
Talk to people you know about nudity
Perhaps you have a spouse, significant other, or special friend who you'd like to have join you in exploring and enjoing nakedness. How do you talk to them about it? Or perhaps you'd just like to talk about it with others you know, simply to bounce the idea off them. Here are some places to look for some thoughts on the matter:

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