First-time experience (Christy)

At the college I go to there is a place way back in the woods where you can go skinny dipping at night, but there is absoutly no one there during the day. Well, some friends and I went back there after class one day to do some sunning. We had been there a little while when one of my friends suggested the we go swimming. This was OK with everyone because it was very hot, so we got up and headed toward the water when one of the girls started to strip. She explained that she refused to wear a bathing suit when it was not neccessary and that we should join her. After some serious thinking I removed my bathing suit and went into the water. We swam for a while and I have never felt better, so when we got out a streak of daring hit me and I thought, "What the hell I'll just stay this way and get rid of these tan lines." The others followed suit, and we were naked there beside that creek for about 6 hours that day.

We all enjoyed this so much we have continued these day trips to the creek, and we decided to go to a nudist resort to see if we would like it there as much as we do in the woods. We have not been yet but a trip report will be coming. All 8 of us started out good, friends but now we have found yet another hobby to share.


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Last updated: June 2, 1998