Becoming a nudist

I was vacationing at a resort in the Caribbean. The first two days were spent on the beach sitting in a soggy swimsuit and being chafed by sand. I signed up for a day boat trip and picnic at a beach on an island away from the resort. As we were leaving, I discovered that the excursion was to an island with a nude beach! I decided to go anyway, thinking no way was anybody getting me out of my suit. I stood firm and, in fact, was the last person to give in and shed my swimsuit - I was the last one to get dressed to return to the resort. Why hadn't someone told me about this sooner? I was hooked, and that was over 30 years ago.

Now I am definitely, "Nude when possible, clothed when practical". I still have to wear shoes when vacuuming as I have a habit of running over my feet with the vacuum cleaner.

Cheri Alexander is the owner of The Travelites, a nudist travel club in South Carolina.

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Last updated: April 12, 1998